Monday, July 18, 2011

I've started this blog just for small fashion illustrations I'm doing. I started doing these to force myself to draw more often. I feel like fashion illustration is a good vehicle for that because I don't have to think about a deep concept, and I have a consistent subject matter. Consistent subject matter really helps because now I can comfortably allow myself to work in different techniques and aesthetics. So no excuses not to draw right?

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  1. Absolutelly right man! I'm actually developing a personal way/excuse to explore new subjects - starting a new sketchbook for each subject matter, and just let me dive in, thinking outside da box, trying out new techniques and aesthetics like you said, without the compromisse of making "my thing" - just to draw anything outside the comfort zone, and explore these new directions.
    What you're doing here is FANTASTIC, and it really helps me proving my point! Haha
    All the best man, a real pleasure to know you have a whole new blog, and a new direction to develop further as well! This is gonna be dope.